The Download: Chasing disabled customers and bad news from the workplace

Presenter Paul Carter is joined by business coach Robin Hindle-Fisher and disability consultant Phil Friend. They discuss unexpected positive consequences from an examination of the extra costs disabled people face which was carried out by Scope, the charity which funds Disability Now. Also on the agenda some research from Nottingham University’s business school which suggests that people in the workplace are not necessarily thrilled at the prospect of having disabled people as colleagues.

Producer: Ian Macrae

2 thoughts on “The Download: Chasing disabled customers and bad news from the workplace

  1. Hello that is very true the peoe in work places do notike disabled people there I have it from a person in  business tgey have them for a few weeks then get rid of disabled people an make a poor excuse about them best wishes Elizabeth Brown 

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  2. hello to all im disabled and just been to a trbuneral and won but the point is ive nerve damage and severe vascular disease hence bad on my legs but would it be feasable to take a car for an MOT with buckled wheels and bad flow of fliud to the brakes and think it would PASS no chance so how is it right for a person who has a disablity and has been like this for years be able go and work absolutly ridiculees to even think about it its the stupid government but the money that thdey think they are saving going to make a big hole in penine chain the northern power house that we dont need or maybe is it to shift all the imigrants that they let in and now hitting pensioners what a way to treat british subjects like me at 64 and worked most of my life i can bet the new refugees arnt quing at food banks and no money for two months they couldnt careless get them out before poor and disabled folk die of pnumonia or even starve because they cant get out for food hope peopletake time out anbd think what this aggressive and stupid who arnt fit to run a toy tain set never mind a country think hard folk


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