The Download: LGBT, The Archers and de-cluttering

The Download: LGBT, The Archers and de-cluttering

In this edition of Disability Now’s discussion show The Download, we find out what the current hot storyline in Radio 4’s The Archers has to do with disabled people. Does being disabled and LGBT mean you fight a battle on two fronts?  And what benefits can be derived from de-cluttering your life? Presenter Paul Carter is joined by Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole from Manchester Metropolitan University, Dr Ju Gosling, Chair of Regard the LGBT organisation for disabled people and Sue Kent who recently undertook a big clear out.

Producer: Ian Macrae.

The download 35 transcript

One thought on “The Download: LGBT, The Archers and de-cluttering

  1. I think that one of the obstacles to hoarding a lot of things from our past is our own insecurity. I would like to sell most of my possessions so that I can raise some money to install disabled facilities in my home. My local council dose not give grants but instead dictates what I can and what I cant have. I desperately need a downstairs wet room and toilet but I can’t get one so I have to pay for it myself. So what do I do with £20,000 + of tools and a lot of vintage hi fi and other things ?
    I find it hard to get the motivation and energy to sell them on ebay and even if I did I would find it exhausting to pack them up and take them to a post office to get them to a buyer. I know I could list them as collect only but do I want a lot of strangers coming into my home. I had thought of listings lot of vintage Apple computers but just don’t have the energy and cannot find people to help me do so. So yes I will probably end up leaving this life with a house full off stuff.


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